Gun control and the hypocrisy of celebrities

Just a few days ago I had gone to see the new Quentin Tarantino movie “Django Unchained”. Following the Sandy Hook tragedy I have been very sensitive to anything shooting related. Going to see the movie was of course a huge mistake as it was filled with shooting death after shooting death, so much so it became gratuitous and ridiculous. A blood fest.

Today I came across a post from a website called “Chicks on the Right”. Being a more liberal type I would not have seen this post were it not for a friend who shared it on facebook. Ironically, after seeing Django I had thought about how much Hollywood has glorified shooting, guns and death and that it needed to stop. Then I watched this:

Read more and view the vid at Gun control and the hypocrisy of celebrities: we should demand that ends now. WARNING: Video contains graphic scenes.


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