Looking at American Christianity in 2011 (& 2012, to boot)

Many churches focus on political or social concerns, not spiritual growth or struggle; social concerns are what you see and hear when you come through the door. People chose churches on the basis of social positions. So long as I agree with the positions of the church, its OK. If not Ill continue shopping around. Doesnt anyone notice that this means youre making up your own faith agenda as you go along? Youre not being challenged to live up to a faith that is hard and edgy and demanding, a faith that precedes any ideas you might bring to it. Once the mask comes off, and you recognize that this is a self-made faith not much remains. Its another form of entertainment, only on a spiritual plane.

Today some churches endorse popular social or political positions and then scramble to invent a theological posture to substantiate the positions. In any sensible world, this would be called pandering. It has also proven a losing strategy. You cant fool all the people all of the time; they see through this ruse.



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