A War of the Heart

If the “culture war” over abortion is ever to be won, then the heart must be taken captive. No legislative measure will ever secure victory. Epithets such as “baby-killer” or “murderer” will never soften an opponent’s heart or change her mind. No slogan of “My body, my choice,” will ever mute the fact that such a choice silences a beating heart. No shock-tactics like handing the president an aborted fetus will ever reach beyond the turning stomach into the darkened heart.

If victory is to be achieved, it must come by love, by compassion, by innovation, and by honesty. Posturing and politics are not necessary, nor are they very helpful. The science is simple, and if taken at face-value, we must admit that conception inaugurates a life. That life will soon become a person, provided the mother’s “choice” provides no impediment.

It must be argued that this so-called “choice” is unilateral, since the life in formation is given no choice. It is obliterated before it could ever had a say. Any number of excuses have been concocted as to why that the innocent’s voice is arbitrary, but the fact remains: if given the choice, the innocent would choose life.

Love. Compassion. Innovation. Honesty. In this debate Logos, Ethos and Pathos must all be employed according to these criteria. Modern technologies provide those of us on the side of life with ample ammunition. “The pen is mightier than the sword.” We might also include the keystroke, the Web address, the video camera, the ultrasound.

Those of us on the side of life must recognize that the vast majority of aborting mothers are not cruel or inhumane. They are distraught, confused, frightened, or misled. They are given to persuasion, provided the information is available and tactfully presented.

Scientists and designers can be of tremendous value in this effort. Alexander Tsiaris provides an excellent example of simple and tactful, yet powerful use of technology in the war for the heart:

Factual and direct ads such as this can be designed by fresh campaigners:

Politicians such as the one below need not try and force morality upon us, but only help us navigate the question with direct and honest stimulus:

Brave women such as this one have a message that can be shared, discussed, and wrestled with:

Logos, Ethos, and Pathos employed by love, compassion, innovation, and honesty. This is a war of the heart, and we must treat it so. In waging this war, we must never forget that the forces we are engaged against are truly demonic, but the persons we engage in the battle are not themselves demons. They are children of God, imprinted with His image, and therefore worthy of our love and empathy.


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