Two Interesting Studies

It’s good to see the Internet can be so useful. And it’s tragic to find that our lives can be so easily manipulated by the information sources we trust. Perhaps the problem lies less with those trusted sources, and more with ourselves, insofar as we actually expect these media to provide us with true things, to be without bias, and – in the age of the consumer – for the information they provide us to be not-for-profit.

This painful reality is only reiterated by two recent studies that illustrate the media trend in the current Republican campaign race. I stumbled upon both studies today, and they both corroborate the notion that the media picks our winners for us, and writes the narrative for our losers as well.

Case in point: Congressman Ron Paul. The Atlantic Wire reports on a study that shows Paul’s clocking in at last place regarding overall news coverage, behind all other Republican candidates, in spite of his avid grass-roots support and hefty campaign fund-raising. Not to mention his multiple and consistent straw poll victories, and heavy active and retired military support, and a base that seems to transcend party lines the likes of which not even Obama enjoyed.

Another report cited in the International Business Times finds just how little face-time Paul has received in the multiple televised Republican debates. While his polling numbers are consistently higher than Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum, Hunstman, and until recently, Herman Cain, Paul enjoys less attention than all of them, clocking in again at dead last. I can’t cite the exact number of two-hour debates there have been since I got interested in the race (at least five, I’d say), but it’s pretty clear who these stations don’t want me to listen to when the outlets give the man only 18 minutes total over the course of all those debates (and then some). Instead, they’d much rather me listen the petty differences between Romney-Perry-Cain, and for a while Bachmann.

Ah, well. All this goes to show, I guess, that the Revolution truly will not be televised. Our affable Big Brother wants us to know he has only our best interests in mind; but for those of you who don’t like the taste of government kool-aid, then please consider fighting the system, f-ing the Man, and all other such clichés. You can start by killing the messenger.


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