Vain Pursuits

Life of Repentance

Somewhere St. Isaac the Syrian said, “We should read assiduously.”

This is a practice I have always held in high regard, though very seldom actually accomplished. As a partially seasoned English teacher, I consider a great virtue, and I find that I am always trying to read all the time, even when it doesn’t involve words on a page. In fact, the type of reading that involves words on a (printed) page is simultaneously my highest aspiration and my most arduous foe. And so, via the wonders of the Internet, I find myself reading all the time in other capacities, even to the detriment of my peace of mind and surrounding relationships. Sadly, I find I am drawn to controversy, and my interest in inflammatory rhetoric has gotten me in trouble more than once, even if I was only the one to pass the rhetoric along to a more accessible medium.

The trouble has amassed enough regret for me to reconsider my involvement in one such medium, and so I have in mind to rescind my participation there, where anyone and everyone seems to have access, even if at my most mischievous I never would have thought to include anyone and everyone in on the conversation. That’s one of the two-fold blessings and curse of social media. It certainly is not the safe little corner stall at the pub you imagine it to be, where any manner of parley or bloviation can be uttered and then forgotten after a few drinks and cigars. I hope now to restrict my active pursuit of vested though controversial interests in life, faith and culture to something somewhat more self-contained, like this blog, which has lain fallow for several seasons now.

I hope to keep reading, whether it’s a Web article, another blog’s entry, a podcast, or even, dare I say, the printed page. (The latter, of course, would be the most anachronistic, and yet it provides also the most satisfaction.) What tidbits I take from those readings, and vague thoughts I have on them afterwards, I may now try to post here. If you want, you may comment, of course, but remember now, these are my ramblings.


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